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The Bundang Newyork Dental Clinic in Seohyueon offers dental care by a US certified dentist. Treatments include especially Implants, general dentistry, teeth whitening, laminate veneers, all ceramics, and more.

For appointments call at 031-701-9944(English). English Speaking receptionist will help you with a dental appointment.
The National Health Insurance card is accepted by all BunDang Newyork Dental  clinics for those procedures covered by the national health program.
Dr. David Yoo D.D.S. is a U.S. certified dentist. Dr. Yoo he majored in Periodentology & Implant Dentistry at NewYork University and also a member of American Dental Association, International Congress of Oral Implantologist.
Office Hours Mon, Tue,  Fri 10:00 ~ 19:00
Wed, Thur 10:00 ~ 21:00
Sat 10:00 ~ 14:00

Location: Bundang  New York dental Clinic  is located on the 3nd Floor of Coco Plaza Building in Seohyeon-dong, Bundang
Getting There:
By Subway: Take the Bundang Line to Seohyeon Station and go out Exit 5. Once you exit from the stairs, walk straight out of gate 5 of AK plaza
You will see a Coco plaza building standing  right next  Ak. The Bundang Newyork dental clinic is on the 3nd floor.

For taxi drivers:분당구 서현역 AK 플라자, 분당구청 오시는 길로 오시다가  농협 사잇길로 들어오세요. 좌회전 하시고 일반통행길로 들어오시다가 코코프라자의 분당 뉴욕치과로 가주세요
If you have more inquiry, please call me at 031-701-9944