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1.Saving your natural teeth by teeth replantation

Tooth replantation is the reinsertion and splinting of a tooth that has been avulsed of its socket. Tooth replantation is the intentional removal (extraction) and replantation of a tooth. This technique can be useful for teeth that cannot be treated with traditional endodontic treatment. This strategy can be particularly helpful in lower second molars where proximity to the mandible nerve and thickness of the buccal bone make endodontic surgery difficult


2. Treatment procedure

1) It had previous endodontic treatment a few years earlier. The large access cavity weakening the mesial tooth surface was noted and discussed as well as the possibility of a root fracture.

2) Due to the conical root structure, closeness to the mandibular canal, and probable root fracture, we decided to perform and intentional replantation.Tooth was removed atraumatically and no root fractures were found.

3) Immediate root resection, retro preparation and retrofill with MTA was performed. 

4) Patient was informed of the guarded prognosis following this procedure. Long term follow up will be required to determine the success.