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Sinus Lift

Sinus Augmentation is where sinus membrane is repositioned to create spaces that is filled with bone graft to support a dental implant. Sinus lift is very predictable procedure that can increase the bone height and width to accommodate adequate implant placement. In most cases the dental implant can be placed along with the sinus lift procedure. 

Treatment procedure

1. An incision will be made in the patient's gum tissue on the cheek side of their upper jaw in the area where the placement of the dental implant is planned (in the region originally occupied by the patient's bicuspid or molar teeth). This incision allows the dentist to flap back the patient's gum tissue and expose the jawbone that lies underneath.

2. The exposed bone is cut in a fashion where a "trap door" of bone, hinged at the top, is created. This movable section of bone is then pushed gently inward and upward into the sinus cavity.

3. The empty space underneath the lifted sinus membrane is then packed with bone-graft material thus providing the new bone into which the tooth implant will be placed.

4. Once the bone-graft material has been positioned the gum tissue is stitched closed.

In some instances it can be possible that the dentist will place the dental implant at the same time that the sinus lift is performed. In most cases, however, a dentist will allow a healing period of three and six before the dental implant is placed. The specific time frame allowed for healing is dependent upon the type of bone-graft material that has been utilized

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