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Implant Placement into fresh extracted site

The immediate implant means that the dental implants are inserted immediately after one or several dental extractions. With a immediate loaded dental implants procedure, step 2 and 3 are done during the same day, This means that a patient has new teeth in place during the same visit the implant posts in placed. Immediate loaded implants enables immediate function of teeth.


In addition, for certain cases, permanent or temporary prosthetics may be loaded immediately during the same dental visit when the dental implants are surgically placed. This is know as immediate loaded implants. The immediate loading of dental implants shortens the treatment time and makes it possible to give the patient an esthetic appearance during the whole treatment period.


1.Adcantages of immediate loaded implants

1) Prosthetics are placed shortly implant placement enabling immediate function of teeth.
2) Dental implant treatment trimmings is shorten with less trauma and an overall better patient experience.
3) Good esthetic results


2. Treatment procedure

1)First evaluation and x-ray to determine implant site and bone condition
2) Implant site preparation
3) Placing the implant and installing the temporary crowns or bridges
4) Placing the permanent crown or bridge