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What are call Ceramic Crown?

These are a type of cosmetic which are made purely from ceramic and no other material.. This is in contrast to other types of crowns such as the porcelain fused to metal variety and gold crowns. The defining feature of these crowns is that they are made from a translucent material which is attractive to look at and blends in well with the rest of your teeth. All ceramic is used to completely cap or encircle a tooth whose damaged area is too large to cover with a laminate veneer.



Adcantages of All Ceramic

- Biocompatible
- Outstanding marginal fitting
- Exceptional strength with high fractural resistance
- Excellent esthetics and translucency

The diffrence between Laminate and All ceramic 
In comparison to a dental crown, the classic porcelain veneer is a wafer thin shell of ceramic that is bonded onto the front side of a tooth. Where a dental crown covers and encases the entire tooth. A porcelain veneer just covers over the side of the tooth that shows when the person smiles.


Post care

It requires a regular check up after the procedure is complete as it could break down.