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What is Laminate?

Dental Laminate is a process where front visible part of the teeth is modified and replaced with a thin layer of porcelain shells with a newer lighter shade and correcting misaligned crowded teeth simultaneously.  These are very thin shells of ceramic product cemented on to the front of your teeth. As these porcelain veneers are very effective in covering any stains and bringing your original smile back. This treatment is used to restore a person’s teeth that are discolored, damaged, broken or abnormal and the shape of gums in order to improve as well as the appearance of smile line. Usually it takes two appointments with your dentist before he can complete the procedure.

Hus’hu NEWYORK analyzes teeth shape and color, ratio between neighboring teeth, and the facial shape and gum before placing veneers to the teeth. Hus’hu also recommends getting whitening treatment before laminate treatment if the teeth are severely stained or discolored for the best outcome






Advantages of Laminate

- Providing a natural tooth appearance
- Short treatment time of 2 ~3 dental visits
- Minimal tooth structure removal “0.3-1mm”
- Remarkable durability and strength
- Great ability to customize shade and color


Laminate is ideal for those who have

- Gap between front side of teeth
- Broken or chipped front teeth
- Stained or discolored teeth
- Dental Caries


Post Care

- Correct brushing and regular scaling are needed to maintain your dental health.
- Avoid drinking hot and cold drink for the first 24 hours after treatment.
- Be careful of external shock to avoid damaging teeth.
- Avoid biting or chewing solid or hard food.
- Regular dental exam is needed